IMMUNION (“Improving IMMunisation cooperation in the European UNION”) is a 2-year project (2021-2023) co-funded by the European Union Health Programme, in the ultimate goal of increasing vaccine confidence and uptake.
IMMUNION will strengthen collaboration between healthcare professionals and other stakeholders, addressing issues of access to accurate, evidence-based information about vaccination. This will be primarily achieved through strategies focused on communication and training. The project will also develop tools and resources to increase vaccine coverage, in particular amongst underserved populations.
Led by EuroHealthNet, the project brings together members of the Coalition for Vaccination (established by the EU in 2019), as well as partners across the EU. It will build on learnings from and add value to vaccination efforts at national, regional and global level. 

Vision and Objectives

Our overall objective is to support EU efforts to improve vaccine uptake by strengthening joint efforts amongst Coalition for Vaccination member associations and other stakeholders (e.g., media, national health authorities and local communities) to deliver better vaccine education to health professionals and better information to the general public. 

Improve dissemination of validated vaccination training materials and resources to health professionals across Europe

Understand drivers of vaccine inequalities within countries and address vaccination coverage issues in vulnerable and underserved populations

Increase training opportunities for health professionals and students on vaccination communication

Strengthen collaboration with media on vaccination

Enhance the Coalition for Vaccination and its long-term sustainability and visibility

What we do

IMMUNION will implement a range of activities aiming to provide resources and educational opportunities to health professionals and increase the uptake of vaccines.

These activities include:

Further developing the SEKI platform, which will bring together validated training and resource materials for health professionals from sources such as the ECDC, WHO Europe, UNICEF and the EU Joint Action on Vaccination (EU-JAV).

A ‘Training of Trainers’ (ToT) workshop, to be delivered to professors/trainers in Greece, Latvia and Romania as well as at EU-level.

Three specialised vaccine and vaccinology workshops for health professionals.

Four national toolboxes (for Greece, Italy, Latvia and Romania) of communication and community engagement tools to help improve vaccination coverage rates in specific vulnerable and underserved populations.

An Ask an Expert page which offers journalists, health professionals and the general public the opportunity to find vaccination experts from across Europe, to provide quotes and other information about vaccination for articles and/or to participate in local events.


Scientific Advisory Board Members