Toolbox of communication and community engagement resources to increase vaccine uptake

The toolbox provides videos, factsheets, communication materials and other documents to help health professionals and health authorities raise awareness about the importance of vaccination and increase vaccine uptake. The tools address a variety of population groups, and focus on different vaccine-preventable diseases. The toolbox focuses primarily on four countries (Greece, Italy, Latvia and Romania), but also includes resources developed by international actors, and is expanding to include more countries.

Tools can be filtered according to language, disease, target audience (e.g., which population groups the tools focus on), and document type. These filters can be used alone, or in combination. A keyword search is also possible. Kindly note that all links will direct to external sources. A report providing more details on the process underlying the construction of the toolbox can be found here.

Facciamolo per noi (2021)

La rilevanza dei vaccini (in particolare durante la pandemia COVID-19) è sottolineata da testimonial famosi, come attori, scienziati e sportivi.

Source: Italian Government, Presidency of the Council of Ministers
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Difterija (2014)

Informācija sabiedrībai par difteriju, tās simptomiem, ārstēšanu, vakcinācju pret to.

Source: CDPC of Latvia
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Τα εμβόλια προστατεύουν όλους (2019)

Προώθηση του εμβολιασμού γενικά (αφίσα με εικονίδια)

Source: National Organisation of Public Health
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La vaccinazione protegge la salute (2019)

Serie pubblicata per la Settimana Europea della Vaccinazione 2019 (24-30 aprile), con lo slogan #VaccinesWork.

Source: Ministry of Health
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Insieme possiamo eliminare la poliomielite (2019)

Serie pubblicata per la Settimana Europea della Vaccinazione 2019 (24-30 aprile), con lo slogan #VaccinesWork.

Source: Ministry of Health
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Bērnu vecuma un citu riska grupu personu vakcinācija (2019)

Informācija par bērnu un dažādu riska grupu (sievietes grūtniecības vai zīdīšanas periodā, Imūnkompromitētās personas u.c.) vakcināciju.

Source: Riga Stradins university, Children Clinical University Hospital
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The toolbox of resources to increase vaccine uptake is continuously updated with new resources. If you would like to submit a tool to be included, please complete the form below. We will check whether the tool meets the guidelines for inclusion in the toolbox and get in touch to let you know. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

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Background: research on vaccine hesitancy factors in four EU Member States

The development of the toolboxes is supported by a reference grid analysing vaccine hesitancy factors in four EU countries (Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania), which are the initial countries of focus for the tools. The process underlying the development of the grid is described in a report, which also provides an overview of the key results (“Full report”). Two separate grids were constructed: the first analyses peer-reviewed articles (“First grid”), and the second grey literature (“Second grid”). An Annex describes the extraction files used to fill in the first grid (“Annex”). All four documents are available to consult here.