Coalition for Vaccination

The Coalition for Vaccination brings together European associations of healthcare professionals and relevant student associations in the field. It was convened by the European Commission in 2019 based on the 2018 Council recommendation on strengthened cooperation against vaccine-preventable diseases. It aims to support delivering accurate information to the public, combating myths around vaccines and vaccination, and exchanging best practices on vaccination. 

The IMMUNION project (2021-2023) strengthened the Coalition for Vaccination and the collaboration between its members, increased its visibility and engagement with wider networks working in vaccination, and improved healthcare professionals' access to validated resources and materials on vaccination, including the ones developed by the Coalition.

What we do

The Coalition issues statements and organises advocacy campaigns with communication materials to raise awareness, fight misinformation, and contribute to increasing vaccine uptake.

Short videos for healthcare professionals
Here you can find information about the old campaigns and the campaign materials.
Communication Materials
Communication Materials
Leaflets, brochures and infographics for healthcare professionals

Who we are


Full members

Full members share the vision and mission of the Coalition for Vaccination and

take active role in raising awareness.

Associated organisations

These organisations actively support the vision of Coalition for Vaccination and share its values.