Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Midwives Support Workers and Students who Lack Confidence in Vaccine Advocacy: Research Article

A research article drawing from the conclusions of the pan-European survey of healthcare professionals was recently published in Ecronicon. Authored by Paul de Raeve and Elizabeth Adams from EFN, Alison Maassen and Alba Godfrey of EuroHealthNet, Markus Kujawa of CPME, Jan de Belie and Ilaria Passarani of PGEU, and  Andreas Xyrichis, Senior Lecturer at King's College London, the article refers to the work carried out in IMMUNION. 

3,298 health professionals from 34 European countries took part in the survey of healthcare professionals between 7 June and 4 July 2021. The online questionnaire was developed by the Coalition for Vaccination and it was based on the existing Vaccine Training Barometer developed under the framework of the EU Joint Action on Vaccination. The survey's results spoke to the need of additional training for healthcare professionals to answer confidently any questions regarding immunisation. 

You can read the article here