We're looking for an independent External Evaluator

IMMUNION Project Coordinator EuroHealthNet is on the lookout for an Independent External Evaluator 

Our project coordinator, EuroHealthNet, is looking to select and sub-contract an independent external evaluator to monitor and provide independent and objective feedback on the project outcomes and potential impact. 

What is the evaluation all about? It is, first of all, a systematic assessment of the success of a project and a process conducted throughout the project period. The evaluation aims to understand the progress that was made in regard to the overall aims of the project: if the specific targets of each Work Package were met in a timely fashion and if the project was met with any unintended outcomes. 

The hiring process is based on the Terms of Reference, a document that lays out the scope and evaluation questions. Potential independent external evaluators are expected to submit a detailed offer on the basis of the Terms of Reference. 

The following documentation should accompany each tender:

- Curriculum Vitae of the proposed independent external evaluator

- A list of past Horizon 2020 and FP7 projects that the tenderer has or is evaluating

Tenders must be submitted electronically (email to d.hargitt@eurohealthnet.eu). The maximum amount foreseen for the sub-contracting of an external evaluator for the final external evaluation of the project is €8,000. 


Spread the word about this opportunity! The deadline is September 9, 2022.